100% antimicrobial®

antimicrobial surfaces

With our designed and patented formula, 100% Antimicrobial® is the world’s pioneering antimicrobial technology in the area of composite stone products.

The innovative antimicrobial components of 100% Antimicrobial® are a world-first, and fast becoming the preferred means of eliminating pathogenic microbes. This revolutionary surface kills 95% of bacteria within two hours of exposure and 99.9%  over 24 hours.

The composite has been clinically tested and has passed Test Method ISO22196: 2011

production of
100% antimicrobial®

The anti-microbial protection delivered by 100% Antimicrobial® is based on silver ion technology. Silver ions inhibit the growth of microorganisms, giving the product permanent protection against cross-contamination.

Our antimicrobial technology is not a coating that requires reapplication after time. Rather, the anti-microbial properties are embedded into the material itself during the manufacturing process.
This technology has been  proven to protect against even the most threatening microbes including bacteria, mould, fungi, and the H1N1 virus.

The composite is proven and has passed Test Method ISO22196: 2011

two main variation
of 100% antimicrobial®

100% Antimicrobial® products are made from durable and recyclable composite stone – a high-tech material created from natural minerals and modified polyester resinA.

Our antimicrobial composite materials are available into two main categories: creacore® and gelceramic®.

Creacore is a seamless composite stone with a silky matte surface, which - feels warm to the touch and can be easily customized.

Gelceramic is a seamless composite stone with durable gel coat layer and a smooth-finished glossy surface.